Tuesday, 1 September 2015


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This is the month that you ought to grow up!
Do you have a 'mission'?
Can you 'manage' the process?
Remember that God is not going to feed your insecurity by giving you Validation that has no mission.
Do you have the character? Can God trust your character for the position that you seek?
Why do you want to get to that position?
Are you driven by ego?
What is your mission?
Realize that until you are mission driven, resources will be denied and anything you want that does not have a mission will end up abused!
Job, marriage, relationships,life...
Before you can praise God when you are on top you have to show God you can praise him in the 'pit'. There are many values you have to learn in the pit that you will need in the 'palace'.
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You are not fit to be blessed if you can not manage the process...the pain of it, the stress of it, the emotion of it, the fear of it,the negative voices in your head, the days of waiting,
Start looking at the mission and not the process nor the position.
God chose you to be a representative. You are on a mission.
Happy new month people.

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(Inspired by Bishop TD Jakes)

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