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Tuesday, 4 October 2016


‘It is time for young bloods to be injected into the system...’ crept into my mind again. These days its become a constant fixture.

Photo credit: Kamal Hafkas Kassim

I am currently watching the Nigerian Television Authority(NTA) Network News and I'm wondering why we still have Oga Cyril Stober still reading the news after the much popularized retirement (and let me state that I do not have a grudge with him ). However it baffles me to even consider the question: Does it mean that NTA can not find younger broadcasters who can do the job well?... someone just told me he is now on contract since 'they just could not let him go' and it gets me started:

Why do we have the syndrome of older generations holding tight to power? Whether in politics, business, leadership, even in the media in Nigeria; In Africa?
I am not saying we should do away with brains and experts. No! I am saying that they have a place in mentorship and programming. The old should give way for the new. The aged should allow the youths to take their rightful place and not hold tenaciously to places they have long outgrown.

Honestly I am tired of seeing this cycle driven by greed and unnecessary thirst for power playing out over and over again. It is the same reason we have (with all due respect) a 74 year old man as our president ruining the economy and watching old politicians who came into power over 30, 40 decades ago still parading themselves on national television as our leaders and edging out youths. It is the same reason we are talking about the sale of our national assets in the first place. Because they would rather enslave the future generation and enrich themselves temporarily as long as they do not live to see the repercussions of their evil actions when nemesis finally catches up in future to wreak havoc on innocent young ones - They are the Biblical typologies of King Hezekiah  who when he was sick towards death prayed that God should lengthen his days and reminded him of his good works (Isaiah 38).

As soon as his days were increased by 15 years he went on a show off spree of all the treasures of his kingdom. According to him "There is nothing among my treasures that I did not show them" (Read: there is nothing that we have that I did not sell). It was at this point that God foretold him that "Behold , the days are coming when all that is in your house and what your fathers have accumulated until this day, shall be carried to Babylon; nothing shall be left"

He told him of how his sons who will descend from him, whom he would beget will be carried off to slavery because of his singular act. And guess what? - the man who did not want to die  and was a recipient of mercy like our leaders today simply said :"The  word  of the Lord which you have spoken is good!", "At least there will be peace and truth in my days". Isaiah 39 vs 8.

It is not different from what we see in Nigeria today and many Africa nations. Old men selling the futures of their youths and enjoying the temporarily luxury of the now;  without strategic planning for their successors and future generations. This to me is the terrible lot that has befallen the Nigerian youths today; It is the terrible lot that has befallen also the African youths today.

Some days ago, the former Governor of Anambra state - Peter Obi on a youth summit set the Internet on fire when he said: "To you young people, Take Back your is your future they are toying with". "I beg you to participate more in politics, the society we help them abuse today will take its revenge tomorrow". Of course he said a lot, that our typical Hezekiah leaders would never wish to accept.

So as I sit here, I wonder how many of us are ready. How many of us youths have been armed for our responsibilities. As for me, I am. It is time for youths to step up their games. No more playing small. No more looking into the horizon. No more holidaying with immaturity, fear, and the silence of huge consequences. It is time for youths to take over not by words but by actions. Not without respect for elders or violence but by a servitude that says to them “I’ve got your back. Sit back and relax; I’ve got this! ”

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