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Tuesday, 18 February 2014


 Have you ever been in a room where someone walks in, and suddenly everybody turns to see who it is? 

Sometimes it’s the sweet whiff of their perfume heralding their appearance combined with the striking combination of their attire. Other times it’s the voice of this person that captivates. Or perhaps It’s a sum total of all of these.

When you look, you get fascinated by the sheer confidence of this individual: They seem in control. The very air around them seems to do obeisance to the aura of this individual. Most times the added suaveness of their vocal intensity makes everyone in the room want to look to see who is speaking and even when you do, they seem oblivious of others around except for what they are saying and who they are talking to, making everyone go green with envy. And yet there are times when you are aware that they are well informed about the effect they have on others, but they are so masterful in keeping you enthralled by the charisma they exude.

This is what I call the power of presence!

The power of presence is undeniable. It is what sets you apart from the crowd. It gives your message an added edge and leaves a strong imprint of your personality long after you are gone. It is a commodity that few have access to. Yet it is an act that can be learnt; even developed.

I am sure there were times when your very own voice or appearance has captured the silence and interested looks of others.  There would have been times too when you felt for certain that no matter what you said or did, you commanded the attention in your vicinity. If you quietly assessed those moments, you will see elements of the same influence that these individuals exuded.

Have you asked yourself what it was?

Be that Person!...picture courtesy:Destiny Obiakoeze
Don’t you think you can have that effect as often as you want if you cared enough to invest in paying attention to those moments?

There is something good about this ability. And that is, that you get others to listen to you, give you attention and ultimately; you get more done. You soon realize that the quicker responses save you loads of time and you recognize that others are willing to help you address your issues quicker.

Naturally, human beings love attention and it becomes even more inspiring to be attending to someone that everyone noticed  or wants to get to know .And that is not saying that one should go about ,feeling like a blob head and hoping that it’s the same thing as having presence. No. In fact there is something absolutely subtle about this ability that makes it more appealing. As I have observed, the very astuteness of the high sense of gentleness and regard is one of the acting force of Presence.

If the power of Presence makes you more successful and helps you in getting more achieved, what are you waiting for?

Build on it.
Be that person!