Tuesday, 10 March 2015


Okay, I've got news!

I was invited to be a guest writer for ProjectsXtra.com and it is still making rainbows in my heart.

I was so delighted.

Let me tell you why it means a lot to me. The targets are people close to my heart. Youths. By the way I get excited to do stuffs that impact on youths. For instance, my Youth-targeted radio and Television programmes that were on air for almost five years; my project summit for youth empowerment: ‘The Generation next’ etc. I believe youths are the bridge to the future. So anything that impacts their lives means a lot to me.

Add to that the fact that it is an educational site and you got my second kick.

ProjectsXtra.com provides free Research Project Topics for Students with available Research Materials and other projects writing (no plagiarism) . They also handle dissertation writing,online project writing aid, free proposals in Universities courses, Colleges of Education etc. 

Take a look at this simple cute wish from them to you, for the month of March. 

 How has your month been so far? Have you been advancing?

… remember to tell me about it while I stay on course.

I have often been intrigued by the things that go on behind the human mind when it comes to presenting a valid point or persuading agreements to issues of interests. And of course, actual presentations itself. Certainly, nothing beats standing out to address the interrogations that follow it up afterwards. I love anything that broadens the scope of the human mind. So, yes am the new guest writer on ProjectsXtra.com and I can’t wait to flex.

I have written posts recently on the site and unlike writing on my blog, it is going to be a specified field.

Since I want to be a better writer, it means a lot to me what you can tell me on my posts through your comments. So drop a line for me and do share for more interaction. I will appreciate that.  

Take a look at the site