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Saturday, 19 September 2015


Sitting in front of my television today searching for enlightenment, I happen to stumble upon an Aljazeera documentary titled “EXILE IN NEW CALEDONIA”. It was a part one version of a series of a documentary about some Algerian deportees that were sent to an Island in Caledonia almost 150 years ago, after  haven failed in their year-long resistence to French colonial rule in Algeria, France sent hundreds of Algerians to what was then a penal colony – the island of New Caledonia

 As I watched, they told of their grieves, their pains and the future they never had after their fathers were taken as prisoners and sent to this Island to serve prison sentences.

Since I happened to get on midway, I could barely tell the origin of it or entire information how it all began,  but 3 generations later their children were distraught about the denied future of independence that they had to live. They resented the exile. The lost Identity and the grief of the discrimination meted out to them. The sorrows in the voice of the men and the women were visible as they told of how different their lives would have been. They spoke French and were given French names that they did not like. They believed they were Arabs. The lamentation of the loss of their ethnic identities and the sense of not belonging brought tears to their eyes. They cried. I cried too.

It was all sad memories and anguish over forlorn hope. There was raw desire in their eyes as they tried to relay the imageries of a land that was told them…These were stories from the descendants of the Algerian deportees. They were a people. They wanted to belong.

It reminded me of Africa. It reminded me of the slave trade.  It reminded me of all the wrongs that happened during that era. How the strong descendants of Africa were taken away. I reminisced about America. The black Americans and the shared grieve of these people in understanding and upholding their identities.  The circumstances perhaps were different; they were free men taken captive and forced into slavery. Yet, in the center of it all there exists the need for identity. The need to understand their root till this day.

The thought brought me to the march on Washington August 28, 1963 at the capitol hills of the United States of America where Rev. Martin Luther king gave the speech that will forever be in history:  “I Have a Dream…”.  A speech, that tells of a people who wanted to be free.

As humans, we want to love and be loved. We want to be accepted. We want to know that we are free. We want to be seen as individuals with rights to be and to express our humanity.From the streets to the apex of the corporate world...

…We all want to belong.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015


This is the month that you ought to grow up!
Do you have a 'mission'?
Can you 'manage' the process?
Remember that God is not going to feed your insecurity by giving you Validation that has no mission.
Do you have the character? Can God trust your character for the position that you seek?
Why do you want to get to that position?
Are you driven by ego?
What is your mission?
Realize that until you are mission driven, resources will be denied and anything you want that does not have a mission will end up abused!
Job, marriage, relationships,life...
Before you can praise God when you are on top you have to show God you can praise him in the 'pit'. There are many values you have to learn in the pit that you will need in the 'palace'.

You are not fit to be blessed if you can not manage the process...the pain of it, the stress of it, the emotion of it, the fear of it,the negative voices in your head, the days of waiting,
Start looking at the mission and not the process nor the position.
God chose you to be a representative. You are on a mission.
Happy new month people.

@Zestydestiny on twitter
(Inspired by Bishop TD Jakes)

Thursday, 9 July 2015


Let me use this medium to say a big thank you to my darling brother and creative.

Every time I am asked to do an assignment in school (since I started taking classes recently), he is the first person I think about and bother him to no end.

Courtesy:Obiakoeze Onyeka Josh
Recently, we have been planning campaigns (advertisements) and he has given me lots of bragging rights(I'm laughing out loud and flexing my muscle). I really get to show how my campaigns could look on the billboards on the street (take a look at these cute pictures and see). This is just a sneak peek at the numerous stuffs he helps me out with.
Courtesy: Obiakoeze onyeka Joshua
Courtesy:Obiakoeze Onyeka josh

I feel blessed. Thank you dear Obiakoeze Onyeka Josh. God bless you!

Friday, 26 June 2015


Image by Destiny Obiakoeze

Running behind time is soooooooo easy.

One minute you have all the time in the world and the next you realize you barely have an hour or more to the moment you have been waiting for.

It’s kind of frustrating to be late or not meet up. Especially, when it’s something very important. On top of that, imagine knowing that you are going to be late on your project or even a presentation. That would be some hell of a big deal. Add to that the fact that a lot of people do not take it lightly to let you be the deciding factor on time, more so at those vital big budget projects or executive meetings and you have a picture in your mind’s eye that brings a scowl on your face. Now imagine if that were a reality. Of course that will be way below par with the picture you would love.

There is something about poor time management that rubs us all the wrong way. For one, it makes you feel like a looser. I have not yet met anyone who is comfortable to know that they are turning up late at an extremely important schedule that does not feel horrible. In fact, in most cases, ‘horrible’ will be an understatement.
So how about we discuss s how to manage your time better?
Here we go. Let us find out some ways to meet up with your time:

Have a draft:
What do you want to do? Sit down and start drafting. Have an outline that guides you. Summarize in a small short form the structure of what you wish to do. If you itemize them like this, it will make it easier for you to highlight fully or expatiate later.  Usually it is a way of trying to get you and your mind to start working. Instead of just living in your imagination, by doing a short draft you have successfully moved your Project into reality. You must note that this is different from having an action plan.

Have an action plan:
 Use a calendar to plan a chart. What do you want to do at a specific point and when. State how long it should last and allot a time frame on it. This will guide you towards how and when each target should be implemented. I personally use this a lot and it helps me a great deal. You might prefer to use a post it. They are very colourful. Colours have a way of calling your attention. Especially, when they contrast perfectly from the background. Strategically place it at a place you will always look or go to: In front of your computer or laptop; on your fridge; on your bathroom door or door to your loo (That is if you live alone. Of course you do know it will be crazy to plaster everyone’s faces with your activity right?).

Keep a reminder:
Use your phone. It is called a mobile phone and usually you take it everywhere you go. I love it when my phone beeps to remind me about something I need to do in the next few minutes, next hour or so depending on how I set it up. I would recommend that you give yourself at least thirty minutes ahead of each agenda so that you have more time. Also, depending on where you will be at a certain point in time you should be able to assess whether your time could be extended further to accommodate a preparation. For instance if what you need to do demands that you get home to pick up something or change gears, you should set your alert for perhaps an hour to give you enough room to do just that. It is a great asset for the work of an assistant and you do not have to pay an assistant’s salary at all. Just log into the calendar your reminder for when you want the alert and the rest is history.

Be disciplined:
It’s important that you understand how needful it should be that you be disciplined. Take for instance the scenario that your phone starts beeping; you take a look at it, read what its saying and stick it back into your pocket without doing anything about it. Of course that would mean that you are not disciplined enough to be committed to your own success. So yes, you must be disciplined to ensure you work according to plan and push yourself to follow through with what is necessary.

Find the time you work best:
 If you are wondering how this can impact on your time management, consider the fact that you do more work at those times that you find it easier and motivated enough to put in some work. For instance if you prefer a serene atmosphere and find it more pleasurable to work at night without much disturbances and distractions, you will notice that the energy to do more at those times means that you get more done. So reiteratively, the outcome is that whenever you work at night you turnover more; than during the day. Maybe you might have a pile of work that ends up disappearing after you put in a decent duration of night time. By all means use that knowledge to your advantage and leverage on it. Finding the time you work best and leveraging on it will save you tons of hours. By the time you quantify the hours you have saved for yourself you will realize how far you have come with effective time management. Clap for yourself later (don’t forget me too…now am smiling).

Check up on yourself:
Implementing all of the above requires that you keep an eye on yourself at every stage. What you feel are as important. The negative emotions you feel when you fail or the positive emotions you feel when you are succeeding are equally as important on this checker. Your emotion towards your progress will be your touchstone every time you accomplish something in a timely manner. Often, you will feel empowered and happier knowing you succeeded. Keep in touch by rewarding yourself at the end of every completed goal or achievement you are committed to. Keeping in touch with yourself is a great way of keeping the motivation up. Aside from that, the quick deliveries on your time line will add some zest to your purposeful living. Need I say you will be living your own ideal?...*wink*.

You want to be that person who has everything planned accordingly and implemented successfully and on time. I trust that this will go a long way to making you that person. Obviously this list is not an exhaustive one. Feel free to share your insights too. Good luck on becoming that pro with time management

NB: This post is originally written for and published on Linkedin. Take a look.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015


Okay, I've got news!

I was invited to be a guest writer for and it is still making rainbows in my heart.

I was so delighted.

Let me tell you why it means a lot to me. The targets are people close to my heart. Youths. By the way I get excited to do stuffs that impact on youths. For instance, my Youth-targeted radio and Television programmes that were on air for almost five years; my project summit for youth empowerment: ‘The Generation next’ etc. I believe youths are the bridge to the future. So anything that impacts their lives means a lot to me.

Add to that the fact that it is an educational site and you got my second kick. provides free Research Project Topics for Students with available Research Materials and other projects writing (no plagiarism) . They also handle dissertation writing,online project writing aid, free proposals in Universities courses, Colleges of Education etc. 

Take a look at this simple cute wish from them to you, for the month of March. 

 How has your month been so far? Have you been advancing?

… remember to tell me about it while I stay on course.

I have often been intrigued by the things that go on behind the human mind when it comes to presenting a valid point or persuading agreements to issues of interests. And of course, actual presentations itself. Certainly, nothing beats standing out to address the interrogations that follow it up afterwards. I love anything that broadens the scope of the human mind. So, yes am the new guest writer on and I can’t wait to flex.

I have written posts recently on the site and unlike writing on my blog, it is going to be a specified field.

Since I want to be a better writer, it means a lot to me what you can tell me on my posts through your comments. So drop a line for me and do share for more interaction. I will appreciate that.  

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Saturday, 14 February 2015


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