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Sunday, 9 September 2012


"I need your help" i whispered into her ears. "Ok",she responded. By the next few minutes she was with me in the ladies,unzipping my cute gown since it was a tough feat for me to handle on my own. I needed to feel more comfortable without this bra as only some hours before i had worn it in  a hurry while runnnig late  for an appointment and forgetting the fact that i did not need one in this particular outfit.

I got to learn her name  after my ordeal.Untill that moment, she was a total stranger who understood the language of smiles,sight and polite civility."My name is Derby" she told me."Mine is Destiny" i responded back;completing the introduction.

We had some few minutes of animated sharing,during which my disengaged Brassiere found it's way into my handbag and thereafter she was off on  her way,leaving me to handle the rest and the exchange of thoughts that followed from a male who had watched the drama unfold around him,arousing enough of his curiousity to ask questions since it was obvious to him i had never met Derby before.

Within the next few minutes we talked about bags.A lady's bag.We talked about how much of a treasury a woman's bag can be.Holding all the valuable and delightful things...even the mundane.We talked about my bag. Spotting a mischievous smile on my face i gave thought to my bag...every woman's bag.

Our conversation was sparked with the sweet admission that a woman's handbag is an  interesting place,capable of holding anything and everything.Both the shockers and the usual of things.Infact amid the conversation a lady friend said that "a woman's bag is a moving Wardrobe".That elicited quite some laughs but mostly,it  was the notion of the 'shockers' rather than the usual that appeared more appealing.

Functional, fashionable or both,a woman's handbag is a great companion.On days like mine,it can be  a life saver from an all-day-discomfort.Most ladies feel confident knowing they will not have to worry about where the keys are or what she will be needing during the day such as makeup,money,spare jewelries(in case you are not sure of the one you have on), even offending undergarments like the one i yanked off.

Today am getting a full dose of my money's worth and on any good day i would not let prying eyes into my handbag easily; And am sure most women do not. Whether it is a make shift office and a hold-all, hangbags usually does reflect a lot.Now wouldn't it be fun to find out what that hot chick has in her bag?...

God help you if you get caught!

Saturday, 8 September 2012

There is no mistake in your life that God cannot use. He works everything into the beauty that you become. So stop being weary of the minuses that were your past. He can use anything and everything. He can make the meanest heart into the meekest heart. The proud, he knows how to humble. He alone has the ability to use the flaws and turn them into a style that eventually become the UNIQUENESS that is YOU!

Friday, 7 September 2012


My friend Boyd C. George wrote a piece on his wife...its her birthday, so am saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MRS BOYD!
But what strikes me most is the warmth in the piece.It's the love  and unspeakable devotion to the beauty of belonging in his piece that resonates with me and probably it will with you. It reminds me of the sweetness and hardwork in a relationship...the fusing of  the  differences in all of us that has to meet  to birth something beautiful.
Does marriage hold an appeal for you?
It does for me.But if it doesnt for you, probably spousal relationships on the barest minimum does.But i can not speak your mind.However i dare to speak from the perspective of a number of people who get the feel of desire for the 'nectar' of  'Good relationship' .For 'peeps' like us...this sounds like Gold:  
In photo:Mrs Boyd taken by Boyd C.George
My wife turns 29 today. I can't believe it's been more than 10 years since we first met. Through the years, we've definitely experienced the growing pains that come with the emotional and mental maturation process, especially when you compare who we were at 18 to who we are now. Life hasn't always gone according to plan for us, but I can honestly say that she's been there for me and with me through the highs and the lows. She is the true definition of a ride or die chick, but if she touches the remote again while I'm watching football, you might have to put me in the cell next to Drew Peterson ... just kidding ... or am I?

But seriously, it's truly a blessing to find someone who loves you for you and feels the same way about you whether you're a millionaire or a peasant. And although I have to bend down to hug and kiss her because of our height difference, and I wonder how I will be able to manage that in our later years, I cherish every embrace like it's our last. So when she gets home from work today, I will greet her with the words that any loving husband would tell his wife on her birthday: "Is that a gray hair I see?"  
Maybe we will not all talk about the Gray hair on his/her birthday but love is worth celebrating;and Special days are worth ccelebrating too!. Toasts to love and to life!

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

YOU!..HEY YOU!, what are you doing with your life???

Today i got a mail from one of my favorite people.His name is Burt Goldman.Burt is 85 and
 inspires me in a lot  of ways.He has achieved a lot in his later years and goes a long way to prove that the human ability is poised to respond in success at any point in any one's life. see Burt Goldman here

If you follow my blog, you will find that i believe in unlimited possibilities and at any chance that i stumble on any great stuff that i know will encourage you to i live for purpose, will definitely share.

There are loads of questions that came to my mind as i read this particular piece...questions that i feel every person should be able a to ask themselves if we all desire to move up to a a better place in life. let me ask you :


Are you happy?...are you living?....are you a positive force in the universe?..or are you just passing through with no influence?

It does not matter your age,sex,status or location right now.From  here on,in your life is most important.I  have decided to share Burt's words in.Allow them to trigger a zeal in you:

When you're in your eighties, contemplating your youth and everything you've accomplished…
I'm 85 this year, and my life's been quite the adventure.
I've discovered the joys of painting, photography and writing.
I've reached out to hundreds of thousands of people and hosted intimate events across the globe.
And in this time, after meeting people from every imaginable walk of life, 
I've learned you can split anyone into one of these two groups:
1) Those who know their unique purpose, and live every day of their lives with a laser-sharp 
  focus on it…
2)  And those who go through life in a daze, chasing temporary goals because they either 
don't know their purpose, or for whatever reason they're not pursuing it.

Purpose-driven people wake up every morning with a spring in their step.
They know what they want, what they're good at, and where they're going.
When things don't go their way, they roll with the punches.
And if you've ever looked one in the face, you'll have seen that infectious 
glint in their eyes that says "being alive is amazing."
Purpose-less folks are the exact opposite.
Even truckloads of money, soaring success or a drop-dead gorgeous partner can't 
fill the void of a life without purpose!
So what about you then?
If you spend most of your life stuck in a soul-sapping 9 - 5, 
or if you just can't get satisfaction from what you do…
Have you ever thought that maybe… you're destined for greater things?
Like helping people? Inspiring people? Inventing a head slopingly simple idea 
or gadget that changes the world?
Time to find out.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012


Thinking about life,isn't it awesome how it is kind of like a book?Now take a minute and make a movie from what am saying. A literary work that keeps going on and on and on-Isn't it  profound to think and understand the depth of the truth in these words.

For the first time, i truely can relate with the meaning of the words "life is like a book!".not just because of the sentence in the statement but the true meaning of the words.The deeper meaning of the phrase.

If you did what i suggested above,you will see that you  can relate with it more vividly than you ever gave  mental thoughts to. In my mind's eye,the pictures play real;revealing intensely a real book with  every page for everyday that one lives on earth.Every alphabet linked to another in a series of  words that tell the tale of the everyday experiences of each one of us

It marvels me  to understand that as i live each moment, a pen does weave words on paper;And that the choices i make become an illustration and a story line that must truelly not end till the day i breath my last.

Now, here comes the part that chills me to sweet wonder :Imagine the fact that your everyday makes a single page,it means  that in one  year you would have made up to three  hundred and sixty five(365) page book with your life's experiences.

Wow! isn't that so interesting?

Now again if you lived on earth to see your 28th year birthday,you will have made ten thousand, two hundred and twenty(10,220) pages volume of literary work. At age 41,you will have made a  fourteen thousand,nine hundred and sixty five (14,965) pages work. At age 50, you will have eighteen thousand,two hundred and fifty(18,250) pages work. At age 70, you will  have twenty five thousand,five hundred and fifty (25,550) pages work and on and on and on. It is amazing!

Truth be told: sometimes,we are not all good composers. It hits home that at one point or the other,the words get jumbled up. On the other hand,some of us  make better writers and communicate succinctly and clearly with beautiful well orchestrated story-lines that makes a master read.

Just like in the literary world where some  writers make lots of references in making up and pointing to the real issues;in  life at least for the first few years of your life, you most probably have to make  lots of references from more accomplished predecessors to help you write better.

Every child  is like a clean sheet or slate.At first he/she  keeps referring to others.After a while,when they grow up to become adults they write  with flair . Perhaps at 50  or 60 years,enough would have been gathered to make a happy or a  sad  piece.

Unfortunately we do not stop to wonder how delightful we want our read to be  or to even  wonder at the  direction our flow should take. In the long run,we often fall between  the category and invariably make either a pleasant or a boring read.
Of course it will be great every once in a while to help yourself understand that  the moment you share in your life with the people close to you will make  a good  read if you filled it  with joy, laughter and giving; than with sadness and grief.

It does matter what your pen weaves along the pages :especially since you can  control the story.If your choices can be different and better,your 'theme' can make  a Blockbuster. ..oh,How blessed it will be to  make a great read.

So, LIVE IT UP and  HAVE A BLAST. You've got  a story to write!