Thursday, 4 February 2016


Today my Landlady's girl was singing a song with words that said "You can achieve what you want if you try". It got me thinking about this profound truth. Its a truth I want to live and its a truth I really live and will continue to live. And even though everyone needs to internalize this message I just want to be a bit biased in singling out the women folk here for this beat. I crave your indulgence. 
Every woman will face a lot on this path called life. Sometimes you will feel disappointed, cheated angry; sometimes you will feel like crying, sometimes you will feel terribly sad and sometimes isolation may come off a better choice than following the crowd. By all means when these emotions come knocking remember that its okay to cry, its okay to feel some blues, its okay to fail, its okay to just be on your own. 

But! The story should always begin again...
You can achieve anything if you try. after the brick wall, you have to find a way. Try again, Try again and again. Don't give up. Keep your femininity. Love yourself. Support yourself. Don't loose hope. Wear your heels the exact size and inch you can muster and stand tall. Stand tall and prove to yourself that you can achieve anything you want. And you definitely will.

Sometimes it may not all come at once. Sometimes it may be only one desire at a time. But if you keep at it. Keep working on them, never giving up you will one day look on and see that you now have most and you will smile.

This is not a message from someone who has it all together nor someone that has achieved all but rather from a fellow pilgrim. And I dare to say it because herein lies the food for pilgrim's progress.

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