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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

YOU!..HEY YOU!, what are you doing with your life???

Today i got a mail from one of my favorite people.His name is Burt Goldman.Burt is 85 and
 inspires me in a lot  of ways.He has achieved a lot in his later years and goes a long way to prove that the human ability is poised to respond in success at any point in any one's life. see Burt Goldman here

If you follow my blog, you will find that i believe in unlimited possibilities and at any chance that i stumble on any great stuff that i know will encourage you to i live for purpose, will definitely share.

There are loads of questions that came to my mind as i read this particular piece...questions that i feel every person should be able a to ask themselves if we all desire to move up to a a better place in life. let me ask you :


Are you happy?...are you living?....are you a positive force in the universe?..or are you just passing through with no influence?

It does not matter your age,sex,status or location right now.From  here on,in your life is most important.I  have decided to share Burt's words in.Allow them to trigger a zeal in you:

When you're in your eighties, contemplating your youth and everything you've accomplished…
I'm 85 this year, and my life's been quite the adventure.
I've discovered the joys of painting, photography and writing.
I've reached out to hundreds of thousands of people and hosted intimate events across the globe.
And in this time, after meeting people from every imaginable walk of life, 
I've learned you can split anyone into one of these two groups:
1) Those who know their unique purpose, and live every day of their lives with a laser-sharp 
  focus on it…
2)  And those who go through life in a daze, chasing temporary goals because they either 
don't know their purpose, or for whatever reason they're not pursuing it.

Purpose-driven people wake up every morning with a spring in their step.
They know what they want, what they're good at, and where they're going.
When things don't go their way, they roll with the punches.
And if you've ever looked one in the face, you'll have seen that infectious 
glint in their eyes that says "being alive is amazing."
Purpose-less folks are the exact opposite.
Even truckloads of money, soaring success or a drop-dead gorgeous partner can't 
fill the void of a life without purpose!
So what about you then?
If you spend most of your life stuck in a soul-sapping 9 - 5, 
or if you just can't get satisfaction from what you do…
Have you ever thought that maybe… you're destined for greater things?
Like helping people? Inspiring people? Inventing a head slopingly simple idea 
or gadget that changes the world?
Time to find out.