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Friday, 7 September 2012


My friend Boyd C. George wrote a piece on his wife...its her birthday, so am saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MRS BOYD!
But what strikes me most is the warmth in the piece.It's the love  and unspeakable devotion to the beauty of belonging in his piece that resonates with me and probably it will with you. It reminds me of the sweetness and hardwork in a relationship...the fusing of  the  differences in all of us that has to meet  to birth something beautiful.
Does marriage hold an appeal for you?
It does for me.But if it doesnt for you, probably spousal relationships on the barest minimum does.But i can not speak your mind.However i dare to speak from the perspective of a number of people who get the feel of desire for the 'nectar' of  'Good relationship' .For 'peeps' like us...this sounds like Gold:  
In photo:Mrs Boyd taken by Boyd C.George
My wife turns 29 today. I can't believe it's been more than 10 years since we first met. Through the years, we've definitely experienced the growing pains that come with the emotional and mental maturation process, especially when you compare who we were at 18 to who we are now. Life hasn't always gone according to plan for us, but I can honestly say that she's been there for me and with me through the highs and the lows. She is the true definition of a ride or die chick, but if she touches the remote again while I'm watching football, you might have to put me in the cell next to Drew Peterson ... just kidding ... or am I?

But seriously, it's truly a blessing to find someone who loves you for you and feels the same way about you whether you're a millionaire or a peasant. And although I have to bend down to hug and kiss her because of our height difference, and I wonder how I will be able to manage that in our later years, I cherish every embrace like it's our last. So when she gets home from work today, I will greet her with the words that any loving husband would tell his wife on her birthday: "Is that a gray hair I see?"  
Maybe we will not all talk about the Gray hair on his/her birthday but love is worth celebrating;and Special days are worth ccelebrating too!. Toasts to love and to life!

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