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Thursday, 9 July 2015


Let me use this medium to say a big thank you to my darling brother and creative.

Every time I am asked to do an assignment in school (since I started taking classes recently), he is the first person I think about and bother him to no end.

Courtesy:Obiakoeze Onyeka Josh
Recently, we have been planning campaigns (advertisements) and he has given me lots of bragging rights(I'm laughing out loud and flexing my muscle). I really get to show how my campaigns could look on the billboards on the street (take a look at these cute pictures and see). This is just a sneak peek at the numerous stuffs he helps me out with.
Courtesy: Obiakoeze onyeka Joshua
Courtesy:Obiakoeze Onyeka josh

I feel blessed. Thank you dear Obiakoeze Onyeka Josh. God bless you!


  1. This really makes me wonder why you didn't consider modelling! P.S. Your brother did a great job!

    1. Hello Aaron. That's a great compliment, I will consider that. Thank you for appreciating my brother's work. He goes to great lengths to assist me.