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Thursday, 27 October 2011


Am reading 'Q; The autobiography of Quincy Jones'. It’s such a great read and every once in a while I read an anecdote, or a great saying from deep within the recesses of the great man. I read how much sorrow and plight brought out the capacity of a man whom the world has come to know today as one of the most formidable men of history especially in music history.
Often, you hear something from earth’s ‘human resource’ a substance in words that recounts the place of bad experience in the making of success. It baffles me that we only relate to those negatives in a joyful way only after the success has been accrued. How many of us truly see defeats, pain and suffering as earnestly what they are?...a passage to the lounge of happiness. Why is it that we easily identify the joyous, long after the pains have gone?
How I wish my mum taught me how to meet with failure. How I wish I was taught in graduate school the ways to deal with the offshoots of real hard-work and hustling. Perhaps if we were taught that as a course or got the full emphasis of it at the footstools of our parents, it would be easy to deal with the reality of them but Lo……No!
No one teaches you that. And just like life is full of surprises, we have to deal with all of these just the same way. But thank God for autobiographies and stories of success and pains that help us realize that. They keep us grounded with the understanding of others pertaining the scores of life. Thank God for literatures and books. At least what we never learn at kitchens and schools we get to learn from sheer human sharing through literary works.  

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