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Wednesday, 26 October 2011


I have come to understand that in this life, everything is an art. Whether speaking, eating, walking or even putting oneself together. Knowing the intricacies of the proper way will always serve you when you want to do things well.

On every turn however, is someone who knows how to do well, some of the things you may find yourself inefficient and it will often pay off  better in living well if we could learn to do those things we have lesser finesse in doing.

I met a man who ate so badly and noticed how everyone shuddered silently around him, yet would not speak a word of it to him and it made me wonder.

I asked myself questions:
when did he loose it? Wasn’t there someone to notice and correct when he was much younger?... and even now isn’t there someone close who can help?

It’s obvious that much of what we do seem to be taught is passing. As such it becomes a normal trend to have an average knowledge of most things until we find the need to perfect the ability or raise our capability to do them more effectively.

I feel that one should not be shy about asking someone else to teach him/her the better way of doing any of life’s activity. Be it corporate or casual. As one of my friends quoted out recently in a conversation: “humility is not weakness” and I dare add that ‘asking to learn is neither a weakness too rather strength’.

After studying and readying about success at any point in time, it stands clear that often successful people did master the art of that specific activity, field or environment they are leading on.

So go all out to learn the most proper way of doing stuff. If you must yawn, yawn sweetly, if you must dance, be the best dancer. If you are a poor dresser, check out some of your friends that are good to go on appearance and hit that target.

It’s actually a fun place-this world. And everything is an art.

Give it to 'em!!!!!!!


  1. To live, one has to develop and progress. Development is the act of acquiring knowledge over time. Some knowledge comes naturally, act of growing up, while some is consequence of your quest for knowledge. Your pursuit of knowledge is the driving force behind any progress in life. Those who must run one day, most first learn how to walk. Any attempt to run, without mastering the art of walking can be disastrous. Experience have shown that most success story, is self driven. Any concerted effort you put towards acquiring, and mastering knowledge, has its handsome reward.

  2. @Marshall Best:i like your words-'Experience has shown that most success story, is self driven.Any concerted effort you put towards acquiring ,and mastering knowledge,has its handsome reward.
    'BETTER' is an individual thing and what makes it materialise is wanting it and going all out to get it happen...