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Wednesday, 3 November 2010


It's meal time and without much ado,everyone would be glad to get into  the nearest  drive way of a stomach affair place.In Nigeria when you consider this option,there are two significant places that jump into your mind:A 'Fast food Hangout'(eatery) or the local 'Buka'.

In  this sense,a 'Fast food hangout' would mean any eatery with the glitz and touch up of exclusive fancy topped with spotlight chairs and perhaps little or more grandeur.On the other hand,the 'Buka' being a term coined from the the street jargon of the  regular Nigerian,would mean an ordinary eating joint that caters to your hunger  concerns without necessarily the 'all-out' effort for too much prettiness.

Now here's the real deal.Chances are that you would naturally want to gravitate to the prettier place of grandeur but you do that the next time,consider  the latest trend in recent times that is beginning to popular among the fancy places.

Have you ever had to take away food and eventually, one way or another had to let it end up in the refrigerator?...if you have,you will have noticed  the unnatural artificial colouring in that food while warming up.
Certainly if you are like me,it will get you wondering what else grossly artificial needed to get in there to get you to buy.

Reading up on food additives,will make you painfully aware of the fact that most of these colourings are't exactly
beneficial to your health.However,with experience,if you have been to the 'Buka' too you will have sen that most of food prepared there are often tasty and straight from the African pot without the business of artificial sprucing up the meal to look good.

This bring me to my second reason or point you have to take note of  while on your  stomach venture...."Preservatives".Preservatives are substances used to preserve food from getting spoilt easily.Hence,if the natural shelf life of a food item is one day,you could still have it another day,even yet another.

Now,this also make me wonder..."why should i preserve  a food to have it another day when i can have a fresh one?"...if the word 'boring' doesn't bear to mind then maybe you are a wee bit carefree about your  dining table adventures.And this is another point that is noticeably different at the  little 'Buka' places where food is made in quantums and gets to finish at the end of a sales day.

While it's easy to gulp down the closest meals ,may be you should start noticing these things at your favourite food places so that you can get the healthiest,freshest and most natural  of food when dining out.It really doesn't take too much to know who offers the most real stuffs,if you care to check out little details.

Since i have come to  know how much i love to have an extension of well prepared home made look-a-likes in food places,the choice to stay stuck to my ground for the closest natural offering has come to stay too.So  if you ask me, i would say:"make it as natural as possible,because the healthier the better".

In the end,it's a choice worth your careful observation.And i guess looking out for the places where chefs stay true to 'healthier' is Best.Your favourite 'Fast food' hangout might be staying true to natural but it is up to you to find out.

When next you get on your scout for the  nearest 'belly filler',if it's not  the case of 'when the desireable is not available,the available becomes desireable',....then you need to take your time and find the real deal.Not the cheaters:whether its the small fancy 'Buka' or the grand Looking 'Fast food' eatery.

                                   ITS YOUR FOOD...ENJOY!

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