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Wednesday, 31 March 2010


Isnt it often funny the way we come to road ends in our searches to answers  and sometimes not understanding just how to hit the home run on the answers that we seek?Yeah,it does seem that when we want solutions to our quests ,and answers to the question marks,they seem to just not be there.
However,i believe that a great deal of the things that we seek to find often lie dormant,waiting for us to find them but because of our inability to; really listen to the pointers , we seem not to get the solutions that we crave.In my experience,i have found that when we become stuck,there is something in our very subconcious that tries to relate to our real selves the solutions of our silent longings.
How many times has it not surprised you that from somewhere deep inside,you have just gotten the answers to some boogie questions that you have been distraught about...
How many times  has it not surprised you that after a rest,you just suddenly realised you knew the anwers all along...
How many times,has it not surprised you that somehow you do have feelings of inkling that points to the discovery that you want

If you indeed have for times felt this way,then you must realise that you indeed can find the solutions at every point in time.It is just a matter of learning and teaching yourself  to:

*Be quiet
*To  relax  so that your soul can set its own search rythm
*Send the right subconscious signals through your mind
*optimise the power of a calming sleep and rest in the midst of a puzzle

...Ok,this does sound like one of the things that are practically impossible  especially when you need that answer real bad.But if you have ever gotten answers at the points where you have given up;when you are not afraid to loose or gain it anymore;when you have decided to damn it all and go to sleep,Then i awaken to your notice,one of the many effective ways that nature helps us in finding solutions.However the key point is...KEEPING AT IT!


  1. cool...tanx for enlightening us all.